With our wide range of packaging options, we can provide you with just the right packaging for your products.

In order to make sure that your product is marketed and positioned correctly, it is important to choose the right type of packaging. We would be pleased to help you make all the right choices so that you end up with the best type of packaging for your product.

Those choices will relate to:

  • Functional requirements for product protection.
  • Ease of use of the packaging.
  • Facing of the packaging in relation to the position on the shelf.
  • Use of materials and printing that fit in with the positioning of the product.
  • Durability of the packaging.

Read more below about the various packaging techniques and forms of packaging that we can offer you.

  • Doy-style


    Stand-up pouches are extremely popular on account of their good presentation characteristics. Doy-style packaging is produced using a vertical packaging machine and requires thinner foil than a doypack. Doy-style pouches are both easy to open and handy.

  • Transwrap


    Transwrapping is a packaging technique that is used for vertical dosing, filling and packing a wide range of foodstuffs in printed PP or PE laminated foil.

  • Flowwrap


    Flow wrapping is a horizontal form of packaging that is used for packing products as single packs or as multipacks in transparent (un-)printed PE/OPP foil.

  • Cartoning


    Cartoning is a form of packaging that is mainly used for fragile products such as biscuits and chocolate or for granular bulk products such as sprinkles and sugar.

  • Cup filling

    Cup filling

    Plastic cups and trays are an extremely popular form of packaging for tableware. Cups and trays are reclosable using a lid. As an option, cups and trays can be gassed to give your products a longer shelflife.

  • Manual packaging

    Manual packaging

    Our experienced team of highly skilled and motivated employees can also manually process small production runs and special forms of packaging or put together promotional packaging, grocery kits, etc.

  • Sealing and crimping

    Sealing and crimping

    Sealing and shrinking of products can be done both as open or closed bundle seal pack. Bundle shrink packaging is a form of open seal packaging which is often used for trays with cans or bottles. With closed seal packaging, the product is fully enclosed by the sealing film.