Cartoning is a form of packaging that uses printed duplex cardboard boxes for packing  both unpacked products and already packed items.

Cartoning can be a manual or automated process. NOMI Co-Packing has various cartoning machines for setting-up, filling and closing boxes with pre-glued longitudinal seams.

We can also process special shape boxes which are set-up, filled and sealed semi-automatically. These are often luxurious looking boxes for the premium segment.

Options offered by NOMI Co-Packing:

  • Topload and sideload filling options
  • Minimum packaging dimensions for automatic processing: 20 mm x 15 mm x 50 mm (l x w x h)
  • Maximum packaging dimensions for automatic processing: 162 mm x 80 mm x 300 mm (l x w x h)

Indication of minimum order quantity: 15.000 packaging units


  • Printed cardboard
  • Packaging of unpackaged products
  • Manual or automated