Doy-style packaging 'looks' better than a pillow bag and is handier than a block bottom pouch or quadroseal packaging.

Doy-style packaging is produced and filled using a vertical packaging machine and is the ideal form of packaging for snack products such as sweets, peanuts, nuts or rice crackers. Doy-style packaging provides an attractive alternative to doypacks in terms of cost price.

Options offered by NOMI Co-Packing:

  • Various packaging dimensions to choose from; pouch height and bottom dependent on available format tools; pouch width is variably adjustable.
  • Multihead weighing enables packaging to be filled with unpackaged products or products in primary packaging.
  • Doy-style pouches can be made reclosable by incorporating a reclosable sticker (zipper system cannot be used)

Indication of minimum order quantity (MOQ): 15.000 doy-style pouches


  • Good presentation characteristics
  • Good price-quality ratio
  • Good fill level
  • The ideal form of packaging for snacks such as sweets, peanuts, nuts, etc.