The doypack is made from a printed PET/PE foil and combines great visual appeal with excellent ease of use. The broad bottom enables the pouch to stand upright firmly and provides a favourable volume-surface area ratio.

NOMI Co-Packing can process both products in primary packaging and unpacked products on our doypack lines. We also have excellent facilities for filling assortment packs with a mix of various products.


  • Variably adjustable packaging dimensions ranging from a minimum pouch size of 120 mm x 160 mm up to a maximum of 300 mm x 350 mm (width x height).
  • Range of bottom formats to choose from.
  • Doypacks can be filled with unpacked products or products in primary packaging, based on weighing or counting.
  • Doypacks can be made reclosable  by incorporating a zipper system or Aplix® EASY-LOCK system.
  • Doypacks can be provided with a punched handle or Eurohole.
  • Easy-open doypacks can be made using easy-peel foil which does not need to be torn or by incorporating a tear notch in order to make the foil easier to tear.
  • Special shape doypacks can be made using special punches.

Indication of minimum order quantity (MOQ): 25.000 doypacks


  • Visual appeal
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Extremely stable
  • Suitable for large volumes
  • Variably adjustable pouch dimensions