Transwrapping is a form of packaging that is used for vertical dosing, filling and packing a wide range of foodstuffs in printed PP or PE laminated foil.

Transwrap packaging is a traditional form of packaging for (bulk) (un-)packaged food products. NOMI Co-packing gives you a wide range of bag types to choose from up to a maximum size of 500 mm x 320 mm:

  • Pillow bag (flat square bag for positioning horizontally on the shelf)
  • Block bottom bag (traditional stand-up bag designed to be positioned upright on the shelf)
  • Quadroseal bag (also referred to as a corner seal bag; with this form of packaging, the corners of this stand-up bag are provided with additional seals that make the bag look more rigid)
  • Doy-style bag (stand-up bag similar to the form of a stand-up-pouch but produced using a vertical packaging machine)

Transwrap bags can be produced with a symmetrical or an asymmetrical vertical seal on the back. Transwrap packaging can also be provided with a Eurohole for use with a hanging display system.

Indication of minimum order quantity: 15.000 bags


  • Dosing, filling and packaging
  • Ideal for bulk unpackaged food products
  • Euro Slot header